Safety Radio Survey

Approved radio firms engaged in services on ships

Ship owners and managers are required to arrange radio firms approved by ClassNK for annual inspection and maintenance required at SR surveys. For radio firms approved by ClassNK, you can search on “List of Approved Service Suppliers” of ClassNK website.

Data Input & Transfer by radio firms

The result of annual inspection and maintenance conducted by radio firm is to be reported to NK surveyor by inputting and transferring Data on our website, instead of MS Word Format. URL for radio firm to input data is sent to radio firm at SR survey, therefore, please inform NK survey office of email address of radio firm in charge, when SR survey is applied.

Submission of radio inspection results prior to SR surveys

ClassNK system (input inspection data through website) is not available when the radio inspection is carried out in advance in accordance with Chapter 2.1.5-2 of the ClassNK's Guidance for Radio Installations (as amended on 30 June 2022).
Therefore, in such case, the radio firms are requested instead to enter the inspection results into Excel file (please see the link below), and submit it to either the shipowner or the management company.
For more details, ClassNK Technical information No. TEC-1276 (22 August 2022) was issued.

With regard to Japanese flagged vessels, data input and transfer are not required due to the flag special procedure mentioned below.

SR survey for Japanese flag vessels

Partial revision of the Ship Safety Act (Article 8) was promulgated on 12 September 2012 and was effective on 1 January 2013. The Classification Societies including ClassNK were approved for SR survey and issuance of SR certificate of Japanese flag ships since 1 January 2013 on behalf of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
For reference, ClassNK Technical information No.TEC-1212 (28 October 2020) was issued.

Frequently asked question

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