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Beware of Fraudulent Billings Impersonating a ClassNK Staff

We have been receiving an increasing number of reports recently that fraudulent e-mails such as below have been sent to parties concerned to our Society.

  • Received an invoice with a revised account number following with a message: "We have changed our bank account and would like you to transfer the money to our new account.”
  • Received an e-mail: “Since the current bank account has a problem, please reply to this mail so I can direct you to another bank account."

The following examples of fraudulent e-mails have been detected:
  • The e-mail address contains "classnk" or a similar string. (such as:,
  • The e-mail domain showing the Society's email address (, however it goes to a different address when you reply.
  • The beneficiary name of the bank account provided is other than Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.
  • Part of the invoice appears to have been tampered, especially the bank account.

These are considered as fraudulent e-mails, and have nothing to do with our Society, so please be careful.
If you receive a fraudulent e-mail, please do not reply or respond, but confirm the contents with our Society by the means other than e-mail such as phone call.

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